Welcome to Holy Comforter

A letter from our Rector,

I invite you to explore these pages and hopefully glean from them a sense of who we are. My family and I moved to Sumter in 2009 as I took the position¬†of Assistant Rector (Assistant Pastor in other traditions) in this parish. Yet over the years, I must admit that I have become rather biased in my opinion of this place and, more importantly, these people who have welcomed and loved my children, my wife, and me without fail and without hesitation. Since becoming Rector, my partiality has grown. For that reason, I invite you to come and see for yourself. Before that, I must confess to you what we are not. We are not perfect. In fact, Holy Comforter is a place where the broken find health, healing, and redemption in Jesus Christ. I believe we’re not the only ones in search of those things. If any member of the staff or I can help in any way, all you need do is ask. Our door is wide open.

We are delighted God brought you here!

In the Love of Christ,
The Rev. Marcus Kaiser,